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Sales personnel agreed prior to our making a 320 mile trip from Ohio to Kentucky on both our trade in and the price of the used 2010 Chevrolet Traverse. After driving for three plus hours Dan Cummins did not have the Chevy Traverse on the lot.

The owner's wife had taken the car home and we had to drive 20 to 25 minutes to the owner's home to secure the vehicle and drive it back to the dealer. After waiting at the dealer for three hours they added in several fees and tax and title and would not honor their prior commitment on our trade in, even though our trade in was exactly as we indicated in the pictures and description.

The dealer advised he did not know we were trying to get to a certain payment which should have not made any difference as if he had honored the agreement we would have the payment where we wanted.

We had to have a baby sitter for the complete day and wasted six hours driving plus three hours at the dealer, plus a full tank of gass.

You have to be extremely careful in dealing with Dan Cummins as they will not honor previous agreements even though we had Emails and phone conversations indicating they would prior to making the long trip to Paris Ky.

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Richmond, Kentucky, United States #777962

I bought a Pontiac G6, it was test driven before purchase and there was a note to 'check tire pressure'. Was assured that they would take a look at it before sale, and went thru with sale anyways.

On way home from purchase, the car started to drive a little odd and, eventually the tire blew out in less than 20 miles (a large gaping hole actually developed, the tire basically fell apart).

Was on interstate, stuck on the side of the road on a very very cold winter night. At this point, the car actually turned itself off, no lights, no response, car was completely dead, and refused to start for about half an hour, so stuck on a cold night with no heat.

Dealer was called and was informed that they couldn't send a tow truck for me, had to call my own tow truck to get towed to my house, dealer said they'd send a tow truck to my home first thing in the morning, it eventually arrived around 5 pm.

Of course, car was sent back, dealer offered to take a look at it, once they got it back, they informed me that the car turned itself off, and the tire blew out, just because it was cold, no other reason, just the cold, apparently the car just doesn't work when its cold, and the tires are just expected to fall apart in the cold.

Would never do business again, and actively recommend not doing business with Dan Cummins to friends and family.

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